Martina van der Veer

Your golden opportunity for Soul-and Self-Leadership with ease.

It is not self-optimization (ego) but self-leadership that brings you further. Reflecting on your inner leadership gives you true empowerment. After that, tools and techniques make sense to progress more successfully. You get both. Allow yourself to recognise what is essential: You make the difference.


The ingredients for success in your 7-week programme:

Weekly Zoom calls with like-minded people of 2h each as evening workshops

Two challenges and your record of success

One-off Bootcamp: Your Weekend Deep Dive (3h)

Self-coaching tools and accompanying e-learning with audio, video and workbooks incl. email reminder

Energetic Empowerment: Meditations and a Sound Healing

Supplementary Video Library and Tool Box

You get lifelong access to the self-coaching tools with audio, video, and the toolbox. Contact me for more information on the content and process. 

Next start date: Coming soon.

This program is right for you if:

  • you feel held back, powerless, or constantly rushed.
  • you lack the courage or knowledge to assert yourself sympathetically.
  • you find it difficult to set boundaries and be confident.
  • you know the right techniques, but it still doesn't get any easier.
  • you want to empower others and lead them to their goal with clarity.
  • you want to contribute to creating a new togetherness.
  • you want to integrate your essence into everyday life as a matter of course.


Group program
plus VAT
  • Group program online


See you in my free "MorePower4you" Zoom session on 22 February 2024 at 19:30? In this interactive workshop (1.5 h) you will receive impulses for your self-empowerment. Are you ready for "MorePower4you"? Click on the button to take the first step.

I support and accompany you with:

Vocal Sound Healing

Unlock your true potential: Releasing energetic blockages for the next step.

Holistic Coaching

Your step into your true Self-Empowerment: Back to your Essence.

Self in Power for Business

Truly powerful. Clear and confident leadership through more self-competence.


Your personal toolbox: concentrated practical knowledge. Impulses that have an impact and bring you forward.