Martina van der Veer

Reaching the goal together with:

The right attitude.
Clear communication.
Agile leadership.
So that the "We" succeeds.

A successful culture of togetherness is the answer to today's and tomorrow's challenges. For this, we need confident and self-determined people. To make this happen, I support your teams with in-house training in self-leadership and methodological competence. More self-responsibility, motivation, and autonomous action are the results. Together, we create the foundation to be strong in the here and now. And to build your future on it.

In-house Training

I support and accompany you with:

Martina van deer Veer Inhousetrainings

Effective conversation management

Martina van deer Veer Inhousetrainings

Effective time- and self-management

Martina van der Veer Inhousetrainings

Confident appearance. Strong effect.

Martina van der Veer Inhousetrainings

Self-leadership and self-responsibility

Success components of my digital and face-to-face training:

  • Self-reflection and expansion of one's own behavioural repertoire
  • Gain confidence, build the "courage muscle"
  • Everyday toolboxes for personal progress
  • Transfer with follow-up measures
  • The agile mix of training, coaching, and spot-on advice
  • My talent is: to subtly and intuitively find the impulses that will take you forward.

As a management trainer with more than 20 years of experience, I know what solutions you need to get ahead. I have made several hundred clients and participants more successful. Here is an excerpt from my client list: pdf.

My individual support:

Vocal Sound Healing

Unlock your true potential: Releasing energetic blockages for the next step.

Holistic Coaching

Your step into your true Self-Empowerment: Back to your Essence.

Self in Power for Business

Truly powerful. Clear and confident leadership through more self-competence.


Your personal toolbox: concentrated practical knowledge. Impulses that have an impact and bring you forward.