Martina van der Veer

Workshop MorePower4You:

Recognise what is holding you back.
Un-learn what does not serve you.
Find out what strengthens you.
Allow yourself to grow.

We explore what stops us from taking ownership of our power. And, of course, you will receive initial tips and tools to make it easier for you to move forward and empower yourself. This is your opportunity to recognise inner hurdles and get new impulses in exchange with me and the participants.


Embrace your own power.

I know all about power and powerlessness. I come from a system in which playing with power was part of everyday life. This gave me a wonderful training camp to explore and heal this topic in all its facets. Now it's time to take ownership of our power and use it in harmony with our heart and soul. In the free 90′ Zoom session "MorePower4you" I would like to offer you essential impulses to make this easier for you. 

See you at the interactive workshop "MorePower4you" on 22 February 2024 at 19.30 to approx. 21.00? Then you'll find out:

  • What true self-power has to do with your self. 
  • What is the good reason that keeps you from your true power?
  • A technique that immediately gives you more clarity for your self-leadership, freedom, and sovereignty in your decisions.
  • An inspiring exchange with like-minded people.

"MorePower4you" offers you a balanced mix of self-competence and methodological expertise so that "Self in Power becomes a matter of course. Are you with us?

The session will be held in German and I see it as a co-creation that you can help shape with your questions. You can register for the next workshop on 22 February 2024 here. It's definitely worth being there.

The next workshop is planned for 26.3.2024. You can register for it from 23.2.24. Why don't you register for my newsletter and I will inform you about new dates in good time.

The special thing:

Anyone who knows me knows that I always adapt my sessions intuitively and agilely to the needs and questions of the group that comes together. And I've been doing this for more than 20 years. I share my tried-and-tested tips and tools with you so that "Soul- and Self-Leadership with ease" works better.

AttentionMorePower4you is not a classic webinar, no charts will be shown, but we will exchange ideas interactively. Accordingly, there will be no recording of the workshop. It is therefore best to join us live and find the impulse that is important for you to be "Self in Power".

My additional gift to everyone will be a live Vocal Sound Healing. These are healing frequencies that can set old energy blockages in motion and remind you of your very own power.

If you don't have any experience with this yet, you can go to Vocal Sound Healing to find out more.

How nice! See you in the "MorePower4you" session. Sign up here and you'll get more information.

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