Martina van der Veer

Your Soul knows the way:

Your essence is essential.
Release inner blockages.
Allow yourself leaps of growth.
Find authority and power within yourself.

Doubts and anger in the form of: "I should have, I must have, why didn't I..." are a thing of the past when you (Self) consciously decide on your actions. The more you allow yourself to take the inner lead, the clearer, braver, and more successful your actions will be. I help you to release your unconscious blockages so that you can shape your life and profession in a self-determined, confident, and powerful way. In addition, I provide you with the best tools for everyday implementation: Energy Work + Business Coaching = Holistic Coaching.

Soul in Power

I support and accompany you with:

Vocal Sound Healing

Healing Frequencies 10' live for you or as a soundbite with channelled light languages and soul chants as a meditation for your development and self-healing.

Veer Intense

Holistic Coaching 45' via Zoom/Presence with Healing Frequencies + concrete tips to release a blockage. On request with targeted energy work for deep change.

Veer Deep Dive

Holistic Coaching 90' per Zoom/Presence with Healing Frequencies, Energy Work, Coaching + your toolbox as a follow up to release old patterns and create the implementation in everyday life.

The quantum leap for your growth.

My Vocal Sound Healing (channeled healing frequencies) and Holistic Coaching as a 1:1 session are powerful tools to help you heal and become freer for your next step. Remember: Everything you need is already within you.

In harmony with your soul, I support you in this:

  • to cleanse energies from your system that don't belong to you
  • to clarify imprints (trauma) from this and previous lives
  • to take back ownership of your power
  • to change your behaviour and self-expression in a sustainable way
  • Expand your skills for more ease
  • to successfully follow your soul path in everyday working life

End old patterns that limit you. Expand your self-efficacy and reclaim your power. Are you ready to shape your life and your profession freely and successfully?

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A Vocal Sound Healing Meditation for you: Ground yourself.

Healing Frequencies resonate with your heart and speak with your soul. They remind you of your true Self and your very own (creative) power. Healing in the sense of "becoming whole" happens along the way. You are already perfect, and it is now time to remember this.

The magical energy of Ibiza is part of this meditation. Let yourself be touched. From 0:56 the Vocal Sound Healing begins.

Here you can find more Vocal Sound Healing Meditations on various topics.

About working with me


See you in my free "MorePower4you" Zoom session on 24 April 2024 at 19:30? In this interactive workshop (1.5 h) you will get impulses for your self-empowerment. Are you ready for "MorePower4you"? Click on the button to take the first step.

I support and accompany you with:

Vocal Sound Healing

Unlock your true potential: Releasing energetic blockages for the next step.

Holistic Coaching

Your step into your true Self-Empowerment: Back to your Essence.

Self in Power for Business

Truly powerful. Clear and confident leadership through more self-competence.


Your personal toolbox: concentrated practical knowledge. Impulses that have an impact and bring you forward.