Martina van der Veer

Frequencies for your empowerment:

Move energies.
Increase vibration.
Activate self-healing.
Release blockages.

The Healing Frequencies channeled by me are light languages. They touch you deeply and set energies in motion that want to change or be released. In these Vocal Sound Healing Meditations, I remind you of your highest Self and self-healing power. In this way, you set in motion what wants to be transformed and dissolve within you for your next step.  

Vocal Sound Healing

"Sound will be the medicine of the future."

Edgar Cayce


How does a Vocal Sound Healing work?

Healing frequencies in general can help you to let go of the old and reconnect with your Self. What do you get out of it and what makes it possible?

  • New options and opportunities in what you do
  • More inner balance and freedom
  • New satisfaction and relief
  • Harmonise your emotions
  • Activation of your self-healing powers
  • Release old energies that no longer serve you

My special offer: In a Personal Vocal Sound Healing I channel the right healing frequencies for you. You can find out more here.   

The Vocal Sound Healings listed below have been channelled by me on a specific topic. Have a listen and feel what it moves within you. You will intuitively find the frequencies that serve you best right now. 

About working with me

Special Offer

The content you'll see is intended as a tool for meditation and reminder for self-healing. While there may certainly be health benefits, the content is not presented or intended to be medical advice or to be a medical substitute in any way. If you feel you have a serious physical or mental ailment, please seek help from doctors or other health professionals. Please be your own authority and follow your intuition. Listen to your body and decide if this is the right offer (frequency) for you.

I support and accompany you with:

Vocal Sound Healing

Unlock your true potential: Releasing energetic blockages for the next step.

Holistic Coaching

Your step into your true Self-Empowerment: Back to your Essence.

Self in Power for Business

Truly powerful. Clear and confident leadership through more self-competence.


Your personal toolbox: concentrated practical knowledge. Impulses that have an impact and bring you forward.