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I love shortcuts. And I fail every time I try to develop my soul. 

*Bypassing" means going round something or cheating your way round it because it seems to be quicker and, above all, easier. Unfortunately, it's not a good idea when it comes to your next growth step. And it never gets easier in the end. It just takes longer.

Soul leadership means exactly that: your soul guides you. Always with the best intention for you and your development. Even if it doesn't seem that way at first. But you know my favourite mantra: "Looking back, it was good. In the middle it was pretty bad...".

In the cellar is the preserves (= parts of your own power)

If your soul guides you and you allow this, then there are moments when your ego doesn't have so much fun at first. Whenever it gets down to the nitty gritty. This makes me think of my grandma's cellar, where I sometimes had to go as a child to get a jar of preserved fruit or vegetables. I always found it creepy to have to go down into the old, musty and gloomy cellar and would have loved to avoid it. Even if (and only if) it was followed by red peaches with vanilla ice cream for dessert. A very special delicacy and so worthwhile that I overcame and dared myself every time.

I'm feeling like this again today: my soul is sending me to the basement (my subconscious) to release old blockages. I am invited by myself to look at my old (bottled up) feelings such as frustration, anger, sadness, doubt, impatience etc. and, above all, to feel these emotions once again. Of course, this also involves the experiences, causes and beliefs that give rise to these feelings. 

Walk your talk or "I'm off to the basement." 

Holding the space for others, guiding them, encouraging them and accompanying them through the painful part of loving back is one of my competences. Doing it for myself is not so easy right now. Even if I know how to do it, know the techniques and get help. Only I can feel it, let myself in and allow it to happen.

The reward comes afterwards: more clarity, new strength, feeling liberated and being able to shape my life in a much more self-empowered way. And the most important thing: simply being myself more. That's why I go to the "basement". Again and again. Do you too?

Your checklist for self-coaching

Perhaps you would like to reach out to yourself with my short checklist and delve into your inner pantry? The checklist for your self-coaching will help you to recognise the "next jar of preserves" and bring it into your consciousness.

Write down:
Your challenge = What are you facing right now?
The hurdles = What's stopping you?
The feeling = How does it feel?
The reward = What you achieve?

I'm currently (once again) in the process of letting go of some old identity and security related to my job offer. This is what my list looks like:

  1. My challenge:
    Letting go of recipes for success, sorting out offers and being even more courageous and consistent in my new endeavours.
  2. The hurdles:
    Fear of loss, letting go of control, giving up supposed security, being able to fail
  3. The feeling:
    Fear and grief (having to bury something ...)
  4. The reward:
    Freedom, more ease, following my calling and finding more joy in what I do again

I have recognised it. But "feeling" is the key to healing and liberation. Loving back comes afterwards. In the next step, I can actively change circumstances.

As a short formula and reminder: wanting to avoid = bypassing = prolonging the process.

I sincerely hope that you will courageously enter your "cellar" again and again and bring the treasures back to you. If you would like support, I would be happy to accompany you. This is how you can reach me:


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