Martina van der Veer

Process guidance for more:

Communicative competence.
Consultation strength.
Calm, effective, lighter.

Are you a manager, experienced project owner, self-employed person, or business leader and would like to use your full potential more easily? Is it a matter of course for you to develop yourself to help others advance? Then you know that it takes more than techniques. The right mix of self-competence and methodological competence is crucial. We build and develop both.

Business Coaching

Master with me:

Martina van der Veer Business-Coaching

Your effective conversation management

Martina van der Veer Business-Coaching

Your effective time- and self-management

Martina van der Veer Business-Coaching

Your confident appearance with a strong impact

Martina van der Veer Business-Coaching

Your effective (self-) leadership

I accompany you in your process live and digitally:

  • Business Coaching, including video feedback
  • Ad Hoc Solutions for your challenges
  • Training Impulses and their anchoring in everyday life
  • Effective Tool Boxes

My support (0.5 days or as an hourly quota) is a targeted mixture of consulting, training, and personal coaching. It gives you the necessary insights and concrete techniques for immediate progress.

My individual support:

Vocal Sound Healing

Unlock your true potential: Releasing energetic blockages for the next step.

Holistic Coaching

Your step into your true Self-Empowerment: Back to your Essence.

Self in Power for Business

Truly powerful. Clear and confident leadership through more self-competence.


Your personal toolbox: concentrated practical knowledge. Impulses that have an impact and bring you forward.